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Powerfront is a leading provider of customer engagement technology and solutions. The company’s proprietary engagement software INSIDE™, provides real-time actionable intelligence that beautifully orchestrates an expanding ecosystem of communication platforms that has transformed the online retail experience. INSIDE can be leveraged in a variety of configurations to meet customers’ needs. Its open architecture enables customers in the luxury retail, travel, finance, and government sectors to easily deploy direct connections to their end users while leveraging the power of data visualization and AI to drastically improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Powerfront is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with offices in Melbourne, Australia.

Founded in 2001, Powerfront has been recognized by some of the retail industry’s most prestigious brands for its unique approach to customer engagement and personalization, AI-powered messaging and data visualization.

We are seeking talented self-starters with extensive experience as a Solutions Architect to join our remote team. The ideal candidate will have advanced skills in designing, configuring and supporting the architecture of software applications and previous programming experience working in a SaaS or software company.

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